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Even the bountiful offerings of the SELECT™ and ENTERTAINMENT Packages are not enough for some viewers and that’s where the DIRECTV CHOICE™ Package comes to the rescue. Sporting over 185 channels of shows, movies, sports, music and more, the DIRECTV CHOICE™ Package is a step-up from the previous packages without being too much of step-up in pricing.

While many different television service providers boast their channels and their fancy hardware, DIRECTV and its CHOICE™ Package put quality and quantity to the forefront. Not only will you get more channels with the CHOICE™ Package, you’ll get channels you actually want to watch.

The DIRECTV CHOICE™ Package at a Glance

At a glance, the DIRECTV CHOICE™ Package is certainly a bigger package than the SELECT™ and ENTERTAINMENT Packages. Let’s look at some of the highlights that make this package a cut above the rest:

  • More than 185+ channels of programming
  • Even greater variety than the plethora of programming in previous packages
  • Local channels included in more than 99% of households in the country1

The bottom line is that you get some choice entertainment with the CHOICE™ Package. Not to mention that the DIRECTV CHOICE™ Package can also offer more deals and special savings where available. To learn more about these, call now or visit online.

Who Should Get the DIRECTV CHOICE™ Package?

The DIRECTV CHOICE™ Package is a great intermediate package for anyone who wants more than the basic offerings without paying too much money. The CHOICE™ Package not only comes with a larger channel-count but more variety than both the SELECT™ and ENTERTAINMENT Packages. You won’t find a thin, “starter package” when you choose the DIRECTV CHOICE™ Package. Instead, you’ll find more than enough programming to appeal to viewers of all ages and tastes. Couple with that the additional perks of bundling phone and Internet service and you’ve got a powerhouse package ideal for second screen users and hardcore viewers alike.

What You’ll See with the DIRECTV CHOICE™ Package…

With more than 185 channels of quality programming, the things you’ll see with the DIRECTV CHOICE™ Package include:

  • Music – In addition to classics like MTV, there are streaming music channels available that cover a number of genres from Jazz to Pop to Rock and more.
  • News – Keep in touch with the news that matters most through Fox News Channel, MSNBC and more.
  • Sports – DIRECTV is the undisputed leader in sports coverage with channels like Big Ten Network (BTN), NFL Network, SEC Network and ESPNEWS.
  • Specialty Programming – Got a hankering for some indie films? Want to know what’s going on in the world of science? Specialty channels like Science, OWN and IFC are just a few examples of what you’ll get with the CHOICE™ Package.

And that’s just a glimpse of what the DIRECTV CHOICE™ Package has to offer.

Order the DIRECTV CHOICE™ Package Today

Call today to learn more about the DIRECTV CHOICE™ Package and stop paying for packages that offer thin programming at high prices. The DIRECTV CHOICE™ Package is one of the best “medium” level packages on the market with more variety, more options and a better price. Make the right choice with the CHOICE™ Package.


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