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SELECT™ All Included Package
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99 /mo.
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The DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package isn’t the biggest package offered by DIRECTV but you’ll certainly find plenty to keep you busy. As the next step up from the smallest package offered, the ENTERTAINMENT Package shows just how much programming can be stuffed in such a small package. All without having the customer take out a loan to cover the costs.

Looking for the most popular channels? Want some in-depth sports coverage? Can’t get enough of the news? Want something for your kids to enjoy? You’ll find this and more with the DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package, so call today and order. You can also read further to learn more.


The DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package is a great starter package for anyone looking to sample the best in television programming without paying the most for it. Some of the highlights of this package include:

  • Access to 160+ channels of quality programming
  • Unprecedented variety of programming with channels that appeal to everyone in the family

In addition, the DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package also includes local channels for more than 99% of households in the U.S.1 Want to know more about what’s happening in your neck of the woods? The ENTERTAINMENT Package can offer this and so much more.

Not to mention that Internet and phone services can also be bundled with the ENTERTAINMENT Package. DIRECTV teams up with some of the top brands in the industry to provide customers with more than just great television.

Should You Get the DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package?

You should always ask yourself this question whether you’re looking into the DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package or the offerings of another service provider. After all, you should be paying for the television programming you intend to watch and, therein, lies the advantage of the ENTERTAINMENT Package. Unlike other providers that will ratchet up the price for even the most basic package plans, DIRECTV takes your needs into account and offers a variety.

If you want a little more than the basic package plan offered by DIRECTV, the DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package is just the one you need. Sports, news, movies, music and more – there’s something for everyone.


There’s a lot you could be watching if you had the DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package. There’s more than 140 channels of music, sports, and news, as well as many other genres. Programming for the ENTERTAINMENT Package includes:

  • Stuff for Kids – Kids of all ages can appreciate channels like Cartoon Network, Disney XD and BabyFirst TV.
  • Sports – ESPN and ESPN2 are just some of the channels offering super fans some sanctuary.
  • News Coverage – C-SPAN, Bloomberg Television, CNN, etc.
  • Inspirational Programming – Religious programming includes channels like NRB Network, Inspiration Network, Daystar and more.
  • Music – We’re not talking about MTV or VH1, either. There are actual non-stop music channels devoted to genres like Jazz, Rock and more.

That’s more than enough programming to satisfy even the most discerning viewer with the DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package.


If you would like to know more about the DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package and what it can do for you, call today. Ask about the DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package or any of the other packages offered by DIRECTV and stop paying top dollar for other service providers and their meager offerings.


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