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DIRECTV Genie Grants Your HD DVR Wishes

It may seem like magic, but it’s actually DIRECTV technology. Make a quantum leap in digital video recording with DIRECTV’s Genie HD DVR. By offering fantastic features like simultaneous recording and viewing in multiple rooms, the DIRECTV Genie gives you more ways to enjoy the entertainment you love.1

An HD DVR So Advanced, It’s Practically Magic

Just about any digital video recorder can perform standard tasks like pausing and rewinding live TV. DIRECTV Genie does all those things and much, much more!

Consider some of the incredible features and functions available with the DIRECTV Genie:

  • Thanks to DIRECTV, you don’t need an HD DVR for every TV in your home. With one Genie for the main TV and Genie Minis for your additional TVs, you can enjoy Whole-Home HD DVR service that competitors can’t match.2
  • Genie has up to three times the recording capacity of typical cable devices.3 Stop worrying about running out of space and take control of your recorded programming with DIRECTV Genie!
  • When the shows you want to watch come on at the same time, things can get frustrating. DIRECTV Genie turns frustration into enjoyment by giving you the ability to record as many as 5 shows at once.4
  • Don’t feel disappointed when summer rerun season comes around. The DIRECTV Genie recommends new shows you might like based on the shows you already enjoy.5
  • Multi-tasking just got easier. DIRECTV Genie’s Picture-in-Picture feature lets you watch two shows at once on the same screen.6

Call now to learn more about the DIRECTV Genie and other DIRECTV DVR options available to you!

Do More with DIRECTV Genie

As with all other DIRECTV devices, Genie is designed to make your TV experience more convenient and more enjoyable. It goes far beyond typical HD DVR service to enrich your viewing experience.

If you’re interested in making Genie the perfect addition to your DIRECTV package, pick up the phone and call now!


Updated on: 06-29-2015








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