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Are you looking for TV and Internet service with providers you can trust? With DIRECTV Internet bundles you can enjoy reliable services at affordable prices. DIRECTV Internet bundles offer you the largest selection of programming, unrivaled customer service, and innovative DIRECTV technology. Combine DIRECTV with high speed Internet and you’ve got a great deal!


Saving money shouldn’t mean sacrificing quality and with DIRECTV Internet bundles you won’t sacrifice anything. When you order DIRECTV you’ll experience entertainment on another level while enjoying the power of high-speed Internet. You can even bundle home phone service as well!

Why choose DIRECTV?

From DIRECTV’s industry leading technology to their unmatched customer satisfaction, there is a long list of reasons why you should choose DIRECTV to bring you the programming you love. With DIRECTV, you’ll have access to the most advanced HD DVR ever – Genie. The Genie HD DVR allows you to enjoy both live and recorded television in any room in the house. You can even record up to five shows at one time.1 How’s that for advanced?


Genie is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to DIRECTV technology. With DIRECTV’s apps and On Demand programming you’ll be able to access your favorite shows, games, and new movies anytime and anywhere.2 There's even a DIRECTV app that allows you to set your DVR from your smartphone. Not convinced? You’ll have to experience DIRECTV technology for yourself.


On top of everything, DIRECTV offers their customers unparalleled customer support. In fact, DIRECTV is #1 in customer satisfaction over all cable and satellite providers.3

How to bundle DIRECTV + Internet

Bundling your home services is the true mark of a savvy shopper. When you choose a DIRECTV Internet bundle, you’ll get all the services your home needs at a great price. If you’re ready to bundle and save, simply select the services that fit your needs. Do you need both TV and Internet? Do you also want home phone service? There are multiple DIRECTV bundle options to choose from.


First, take a look at DIRECTV’s programming packages. DIRECTV offers a variety of package options with up to 285+ digital channels and access to premium networks like HBO®, STARZ® and Cinemax®. Next, you’ll have the option of bundling your DIRECTV package with one of the nation’s leading Internet providers. AT&T, CenturyLink® and Verizon® are just a few trusted providers who could bring you high-speed Internet. In the end, you’ll also be able to add home phone service to your bundle.


You’re a smart shopper, which making bundling a no brainer. Save money today by calling and speaking with a customer service representative. You can have assistance building the perfect bundle for you and your lifestyle needs.


DIRECTV Internet Bundle Options

All these savings aren’t going to save themselves! Check out a few DIRECTV bundle options and choose the best fit for you.


TV + Internet

This DIRECTV bundle lets you combine the power of high speed Internet with the unparalleled TV-watching experience of DIRECTV. You can choose from a variety of programming packages and find the one that best fits your entertainment needs. With high-speed internet, you’ll be able to truly enjoy all the cool DIRECTV technology available to you.


TV + Internet + Home Phone

If you are looking to add home phone into the mix, there is a DIRECTV bundle that conveniently combines all three services. With features like unlimited long distance calling, you’ll be able to keep in touch with all of your friends and family.


If you are interested in these DIRECTV Internet bundles, call today and you’ll be on your way to big savings.

Bundle and Save Today with DIRECTV!

Don’t delay, call and order a DIRECTV Internet bundle today! A friendly customer service representative is standing by to help you get all the services you need for your home at a great price. Choose a DIRECTV Internet bundle and you can be sure you got the most bang for your buck.


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